The 5 Email Marketing Sequences Your Business Needs

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The 5 Email Marketing Sequences Your Business Needs

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Streamlining and automating workflows is fun - at least, I think so. The workflow I am asked most often to automate is sales and marketing. So here, are five email marketing sequences your business needs...

1- Onboarding sequence

First impressions count, and you know the drill: you only get one chance to make them. This is why you need a simple welcome series of messages that help your new connection get up to speed with your essential info. No selling in this initial series - just sharing and telling.

2- Filtering the flow

As your list grows, you will need to begin filtering people into segments that align with your product and service offerings. And with automation, you can do this easily. When they click message links indicating preferences and choices, you tag them for later use.

3- Promotional sequences

Using the tags, you can accurately pitch your products and services to those that indicated earlier interest. Combine this with intelligent activation from other messages (when they click something, they start a sequence); you ensure that your messaging arrives at precisely the right moment - and not before.

4- Referral program

Asking happy clients to refer you to their friends is a great way to grow your list. Remember, "birds of a feather flock together," or put another way - people have friends similar to themselves and will likely be a good candidate for your business.

Again, using automation, you can only send a request for referral after specific actions have been taken or a client has generated a particular score within your system. Again, this ensures you're only asking for referrals when the time is right and the client is ready.

5- Reactivation of "sleepers"

Life happens, and people get distracted. It's not uncommon for as much as 50% of a lead list to become dormant - if not correctly handled. Luckily, automation is once more your friend and waking up those inactive leads is easier than ever.

Remember, unopened emails affect your open rate, and this will likely affect your delivery rate too. This is why it's a best practice to keep people actively engaged, and when the time is right, purge them from your list if all else fails. Plus, most systems bill you based on list size ... dump the dead leads to avoid paying for nothing!
- JCB -
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