Proof You Can Double Your Sales With This Simple Strategy

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Proof You Can Double Your Sales With This Simple Strategy

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Could it really be that simple? Doubling your sales by simply following up with every lead?

YES, and here's proof this strategy works and how you can achieve it using simple software.

The original brute-force approach: Double a key business metric - like the number of customers, or the offer price, or the frequency with which your customer buys.

For example:

• If your business has 1,000 customers, you need 2,000 to 2X your sales.
• If your average sale was $100, you'd need to make it $200 to 2X your sales.
• If your customer buys once a year, you'd need them buying twice a year to 2X your sales.

But what if there was an easier, better way - one that did not involve doubling the work required?

Sounds far-fetched, doesn't it?

But it's not.

FACT: If you simply improved 3 key metrics by 26% you'd double your sales.

Let me show you and use a simple example:

1,000 customers, average sale $1000 and purchase once a year. ANNUAL SALES = $1,000,000

• 1,000 customers becomes 1,260 customers.
• Average sale becomes $1,260 and
• Purchase frequency becomes 1.26 times a year.

1,260 x $1,260 x 1.26 = $2,000,376 ... that's just over DOUBLE THE SALES

Simply improving those 3 metrics by 26% DOUBLES YOUR SALES.

But what if you can't reach 26%? What happens if you could only increase your metrics by 10-15%?

Here's a chart showing you what happens to your sales when you increase various metrics. In this example, I've included more metrics you can affect and what happens when you do. Notice where DOUBLE (or 101% improvement) shows up on the chart ... at 15%

Why less than 26%? Because instead of only altering 3 metrics, now we're adjusting 5. And when you alter more metrics, you can make smaller changes. That's the power of compound growth!
dbl proof.png
The takeaway here is that small, easy-to-make, compounding changes can double your sales without doubling your work.

And the above improvements can be put on auto-pilot if you use MARKETING AUTOMATION and other technologies.

Fact: If you only followed up flawlessly with every single lead, you can double your sales!

And that's what I'd like to show you how to do in my LEAVE NO LEAD BEHIND online training program.

I'll explain how to use simple strategies and tools to follow up with your leads - all your leads, all the time - without more work from you.

Remember, the easiest way to DOUBLE YOUR SALES is to simply LEAVE NO LEAD BEHIND
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