Why Should I Bother With Marketing Automation?

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Why Should I Bother With Marketing Automation?

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When people ask me, "Why bother with automation? Why not just get more leads or run more ads?"

I say it's all about the cost of acquisition and ultimately profit.

Let's use a gold mine as an example.

For the sake of this story, let's assume for each ton of mined ore (dirt and rocks), we're able to extract 1 oz of gold. In today's market, about CAD 2000.

So for every ton we mine, we get $2000 worth of gold.

That's not our profit; that's our gross revenue.

Now, any good business person knows their costs - fixed and variable, and when we deduct those, we have our profit.

If we want to make more money, we could mine more ore.

Sure, that'd work. But the last time I checked, mines operate in a finite space and eventually max out.

Plus, double the effort doubles our costs.

Surely it would be better if we could make more money from the ore we've already paid to mine?

If we could increase the number of ounces extracted from a ton of ore, we'd be laughing all the way to the bank!

Well, that's what marketing automation is like for businesses.

Instead of "digging up" more leads (ore,) we use automation to "extract more" sales (gold) from what we have!

Like mining for gold, lead generation has its associated costs. And like mining, if we can get more sales from our leads, it means more profit.

Automation is a simple way to get more sales from the leads you have - without increasing your ongoing costs.

Same inputs + automation = More outputs.

And if you have any questions, feel free to ask me anything. I'm happy to help.
- JCB -
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