Selling Hot Chocolate In Hell

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Selling Hot Chocolate In Hell

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You’re such a charmer… You could sell hot chocolate in hell!
Sounds like a tough gig doesn’t it? Well, it is. Selling is tough, it’s hard, and it gives you tummy ache… Oh, sorry, that’s those new oatmeal healthy alternative lifestyle bars…Wow, did we ever get off topic quickly!

Selling isn’t hard – it’s soft. It’s a mindset, a choice, a perspective. In my humble opinion, it is simply about wanting to do the right thing for the person with whom you are communicating. To serve might be another good way to put it.

Selling is not about psychological warfare, it’s not about tricks and tactics (although they have their place *wink*) it’s about building rapport and connecting with someone so you can understand as deeply as possible, what they want and/or need. Understand this, and you know if you can help them – simple really.

Skip this critical part of the relationship at your peril. Take some time to figure out what matters to your prospect, listen. Be attentive – truly attentive. And “No” – I’m not talking about listening with one ear while your little inner voice is barking commands to you about how you can segue into what you want at the first chance.

Do I always get this right? Hell No (pun intended!) and contrary to popular myth, I am not perfect *grin*. However I do my best each time I meet someone new and try hard to really listen to what they want.

I was reminded today we all generally talk too much in conversations. We have two ears and one mouth… The fact you can listen with twice the effectiveness is a big clue don’t you think?

I like to remind myself it’s not about me, it’s about you.
- JCB -
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