Don't know them - don't answer them!

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Don't know them - don't answer them!

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Unsolicited Phone Calls

I never take an unsolicited call from a number I don't recognize, ever.

People can leave messages and I will choose to call back if I am interested.

Also, I prefer email over the phone because I read 5X faster than I can talk!

Also, it encourages people to say what they mean ... I got tired of voicemails like this:
Hi James, it's [name or often "Me"] ... call me when you have a moment.

How the heck am I supposed to prioritize that message?

Guess what ... I don't call back when I get messages like that.

If you want to leave me a message then do us both a favour and state WHO is calling, say WHAT you want and say WHEN you need it.

Also for extra points, tell me the URGENCY and IMPORTANCE factors as you perceive it.

For example, "Hey James, it's John Smith calling about the web project. The client needs an update by Friday at 5 pm. Can you please advise status by end of the day tomorrow? Email is fine, no call back necessary."

Just my 2 cents ...


Aside from the fact I can be a grump at times ...

* Don't Take Unsolicited Calls - Ever
* Encourage EMAIL over VOICEMAIL because reading is 5X faster
- JCB -
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