Are you accidentally hiding your value?

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Are you accidentally hiding your value?

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It happens more often than you think, and we do it unconsciously most of the time.

Let me give you an example.

Think back to the last time you wrote a proposal or quote for something.

I bet you hid value and didn't even realize it.

For instance, when you said "do X," you probably didn't include all the steps leading up to X.

You probably "assume everyone knows" what's involved in doing X, so why bother explaining?

But therein lies the rub - or in this case, the hidden value.

You've done X so many times, you've forgotten more about it than most will learn.

You instinctively fold multiple steps into simpler steps; that's the value of your years of experience.

And because you make X look more straightforward than it truly is, you are accidentally hiding your value.

It's an overused analogy, but if X were an iceberg, you're only showing people the "tip of the iceberg," and as we've learned, there's a lot more to see beneath the water.

So if you want people to snap up your quotes and proposals quicker than you can say, "Last call!" at your local pub, you need to remember ...
"God and the Devil are in the details," and so is your value!
- JCB -
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