Netflix and chill? (Is it worth it? Look at the data!)

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Netflix and chill? (Is it worth it? Look at the data!)

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For fun, I downloaded my Netflix data so I'd have a data source for some #Python #Pandas #dataanalysis.

May I recommend you do NOT use your Netflix data? It's not that it's a bad data source, it's brilliant - and loaded with useful data.

For instance, I now know I've spent over 230 days watching shows and movies since I joined Netflix in September 2010.

I also know what I like to view when I do, and the most popular time and day of the week.

Guess what? I've NEVER watched a show at 5 am ... every other hour - check. But NEVER 5 am.


But on a more serious note ... I found the billing history log.

Not only have I spent over 230 hours 'zoning out,' but I've also literally spent THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS "for the privilege."

I am now seriously rethinking my media consumption habits.

Sure, $10 a month seems innocuous enough, but TIME is the magic factor.

Thousands of dollars ... Hundreds of hours later, it's NOT SMALL ANYMORE 💩
- JCB -
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