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Chatbot Marketing & Lead Generation

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Chatbots are changing the way business gets done.

In my latest course, I show you how to leverage this exciting new technology to generate leads on-demand, boost sales and increase engagement. If you're looking for an advanced way to interact with your customers while saving time and making more money, then a chatbot (and this course) is your answer.

In this practical course, you will quickly learn how to implement real-world, hands-on examples of working chatbots and how to apply them to your business processes, social media and your website.

Here's a little of what's included:

✓ Multi-Channel lead generation for your business (Website, FB Messenger, Email and SMS Text)
✓ Create awareness and social presence and build a list of engaged prospects
✓ Generate a real and measurable ROI on your Facebook and website marketing
✓ Communicate with prospects automatically using chatbot conversation flows and sequences
✓ Integrate your chatbot marketing processes with external 3rd party apps and technologies

This course is perfect for SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS, ENTREPRENEURS and ONLINE MARKETERS seeking a practical, hands-on, fast-track approach to learning how to leverage the power of chatbots today.

What you'll learn:

1 How to set up your chatbot to deliver a lead magnet through messenger
2 How to set up a chatbot for customer service on your website to save time answering FAQs
3 The different types of chatbots, and why most are 'pretenders' and not true AI
4 How chatbot marketing differs from other digital marketing channels (and how it's similar)
5 How to set up your chatbot to get an email address, telephone# (for SMS) and other key contact info
6 How to add other chatbot widgets to your website: boxes, buttons, bars and assorted popups
7 How to setup chatbot conversation flows for all your main business functions
8 How to give your chatbot a personality and why it's important to do so
9 How to write conversation flows that feel human, and phrases to avoid that break the 'illusion'
10 How to embed proven NLP and psychological principles into your bot for maximum persuasion and effect
11 How to design and map complex chatbot conversations
12 How to integrate your chatbot and share data with other 3rd party technologies
13 How to create a chatbot that interacts automatically when customer data changes
14 How to set up a chatbot DRIP campaign to nurture leads over the coming days


• No previous chatbot experience required
• No code writing experience required
• A Facebook page (to try the FB elements)
• A Website (to try the website elements)
• A FREE Manychat account to experiment with (PRO optional)

This course is for you if you:

1 Want to understand and create your own Chatbot
3 Want to automate your CUSTOMER SERVICE
4 Want to turn FB Messenger into a LEAD GENERATOR
5 Want to AUTOMATE OTHER business functions
6 Want to use chatbots to get customer EMAIL & SMS/TEXT too
7 Want a COMPREHENSIVE & PRACTICAL GUIDE to Manychat (my preferred solution)

Visit for full details
- JCB -
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