The 3 Tiers of Technical Trouble (and Their Solutions!)

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The 3 Tiers of Technical Trouble (and Their Solutions!)

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Are you experiencing any of these business issues?
PROBLEM TIER (1) You or your staff occasionally struggle with day-to-day office computing tasks. It's not like you can't get through the tasks, but you know there's a better way to do things that will save you save time ... and your sanity!
  • SOLUTION Identify the gaps in your or your staff's knowledge and train those specific skills. Training can be provided live (on-site,) or recorded and delivered remotely.
PROBLEM TIER (2) You consider yourself an intermediate/power user with office productivity software, however, you have one or more systems that don't connect and/or communicate automatically. This leaves you having to manually move data between systems on a regular basis.
  • SOLUTION Identify the systems, processes, data and transformations and implement 'bridging logic' by using 'off the shelf' automation software. Examples of such software include email autoresponders, Infusionsoft (Keep Max Classic,) marketing chatbots (that automate conversations,) general tools like Zapier and Integromat that enable 'gluing' systems together creating unified solutions.
PROBLEM TIER (3) You and your staff have the day-to-day computing buttoned up. The various systems either communicate directly or through integrated 3rd party automation, however, there are still a few disconnected outlying processes and systems that are key to your future success. Manual intervention has been the only solution until now ...
  • SOLUTION Map out your overall processes, systems and data architecture needs. Identify the platforms on which they all run and then develop a custom software solution that resolves the issues and installs either within your local network or as a web app within the cloud.

* If you or your staff struggle to get the best out of your software & technology, the answer is training.

* If you have disparate systems requiring manual intervention to move data, report or respond to key business events, the answer is automation.

* If you have business process problems outside training and/or beyond the scope of 'off the shelf' automation software, you need a custom solution specific to your exact requirements.

No matter which of these technical troubles you may have, or to what degree, the strategic application of software training and/or solution development ensures your business is the most productive and profitable it can be.

- JCB -
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