James offers extensive experience in many aspects of business particularily in web related fields. He has excellent skills in writing, promoting and how to both expand your web presence and how to protect your online reputation. We have hired him to do everything from print advertising, email marketing, SEO writing, PPC campaigns and other related projects.
Ken Bolt, BrantFlorist.com
Hello, my name is James Burchill and since 1986 I've been helping business owners and entrepreneurs do two things:

  • Save Time - with technology automation and process streamlining
  • Make Money - with creative advertising and marketing campaigns
I'm a classically trained marketing copywriter, certified automation and productivity expert and the bestselling author of 3 business and marketing books.

If you'd like help growing your business I offer 3 solutions:

  • Coaching - providing structured and 'as needed' guidance and advice
  • Copywriting - writing messages that persuade people to take action
  • Courses - budget and time friendly training available on and offline
If you have something else in mind, drop me a line and ask ... chances are I might know a guy ;-)


James Burchill

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"James is the only person I know who is sharp as a tack where marketing and technology are concerned, can sit and write for sixteen hours straight when he decides to, and also has a right brain a lot of poets or painters would kill for. A rather exotic cocktail of talents and skills, knowledge and service chops. (And he makes his clients money!)"
Tom St.Louis