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Automate Your Business Growth

In many cases, the lack of systemization is the reason why businesses struggle to grow.

And scaling your business without technological support is impractical for most, impossible for many others - there's simply not enough time in the day!

However, with modern software available to suit all business budgets, there's no reason to forgo the freedom systematic automation affords.

But automation is just the tactical part of the equation, there are also strategic elements needing consideration to ensure success.

James and his team have been helping businesses streamline and automate their key workflows for more than 30 years and would be proud to help you, either by developing a 'turn-key' solution customized for your business, or by coaching you (and optionally your team,) on how to design and develop your own successful system.

One commonly requested area of focus is sales & marketing automation.

If you'd like to grow your sales, start by downloading 2 FREE SALES FUNNEL CHECKLISTS

If you'd like to know more, and discover James' approach to workflow automation and productivity, check out his blog and when you're ready to grow contact James for a hassle-free conversation about your goals and objectives.
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"If James is available, I'd hire him!"

"I initially hired James and his company to provide 1-on-1 coaching to develop an integrated marketing strategy for my consulting and training business. I was happy with that experience and proceeded to hire them again to help me implement my plans. What became clear very quickly was James' ability to take a complex and interconnected situation and calmly unravel it so as to enable the definition of process and systemization. His ability to grasp the bigger picture was also refreshing, and he spoke in terms of business - not bits and bytes as some technology consultants can do. It's rare to find a resource with such a combination of skills as this, but James is one such rarity. If he's available, I'd hire him."

- Lori Phair, LePhair Associates Inc.
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"The services James provided GoodYear have been exemplary!"

"We are also obviously thrilled with his experience, technical know how and execution abilities to deliver on the promises that constituted the assignment and the cost estimates. I have no problem recommending James' services to anyone."

- Ian McIntosh, GM Advertising & Marketing Services, Goodyear Canada Inc.